At Frankfurt Airport. Still very warm here. We have to change in Amsterdam and then direct to Vancouver. Robert and Mae fly later this morning, direct to Toronto. Snow there apparently and wet on Vancouver Island (what else is new?). We are real glad to be going home. Travel is over-rated.

Alsfeld and Arnshain

Went into the countryside to find Rahn ancestors. Met some farmers in the village and finally a few cats, dogs and horses. Very scenic. Hard to believe that this country went to war with Hitler against the world and became the hated enemy. Sitting having lunch in a small village where the waitress spoke no English and looking at the people, I wondered if there are any soldiers from WW2 still alive. The cemetery had a group tombstone and listed their war dead, all in the mid-40s (1940s). Hot here today, nearly 30, and the air-conditioning in our snazzy Mazda does not work!

Barry was quite sick overnight and is feeling pretty frazzled.

A bit more look-around tomorrow, then back to Frankfurt and fly home the next day.


On board Viking Kvasir, just past Rotterdam.  Coolish but nice.  Barry is feeling pretty jet-lagged finally – hit me a couple of days ago.

Our Hotel the Bird in Amsterdam was pretty small but nice and local.  We four spent a couple of days touring Amsterdam: flower market, Van Gogh museum, Rijksmuseum, Bull Dog cafe… Bicycles everywhere and do get out of the way.  Windmill tour today.78498653-43CA-4D08-BA95-445BFAF35A15

Swan song

Well, I guess this is my swan song…the end, for now.  Fall is here….rained all day.  Barry is even talkng about selling Martha, now that she has a new engine with a full three-year warranty, just when I was getting kind of attached to her.  We’ll see.

Our trip across Canada was gruelling…too much driving wore us down.  Not having a separate vehicle to tour is kind of a pain and maybe settling into a place for a week or so would be a better idea.  It was definitely interesting, however, to see so many different places, especially Newfoundland and Nova Scotia and Ohio, to meet Barry’s sister, Ruth.  The highlight for both of us I think was The Rooms, an art gallery/museum in St. John’s, just ten years old.  Great!

Happy Thanksgiving to Canadians this weekend.  Hopefully we’ll have a quiet winter.  Come see us here on the island any time.image